Is it Love, is it Love, is it Love, is it Love that I’m feeling?


Is Love a fancy or a feeling?  What is Love?  Do we know how to recognize it?

Why is it that in some people’s presence – or for a long while after, you feel bruised, flat, squashed, as though you have nothing of value to offer or give. Like “What rock have you squirmed out from under?” Less human, treated with contempt, somehow the unspoken message rings loud & clear, you will always be inferior in their eyes, nothing you ever do is good enough. Sound familiar? I’ve just crossed paths with one such as this. Don’t keep falling for it. Whenever you start feeling small, I tell myself -stand with your shoulders high. You were created for Love. Believe.

Pure Love

Some people make you soar, like a kite in full flight. They have a way of making you realize your full potential, you feel treasured, loved & of great worth – even when you didn’t do a thing.

These people are

The sheer comfort of acceptance

Lovers in the truest sense. They love you because… they do… & the person sitting next to you & the next & the next.

They see a crowd as symphony of individuals – well, just because they are. These souls are secure enough to radically love in a way that utterly transforms those around them.  They are not afraid of your gifts & talents, or of anyone else shinning.

Being safe

They give Love because they are first open to receive, nurturing it deep within & giving birth to new possibilities of life & wonders of being. The souls of these Lovers are in union with God. They live with passion, these pro-lifers; they live in God & God lives in them.

Secure relationships are built on pure love

True Love has a purity to it, in fact only true love is pure. Those who are pure of heart, pure in their intentions towards others, are our real lovers. They are not interested in gaining anything at your expense. They are interested in YOUR good. These people KNOW that their good, is dependent on your good.  This is truth. ~ Sheer Heaven!

Life giving love

Real purity is a state of the heart.  What use is it if someone is physically pure, but polluted in thought?

Only the pure of heart can see God. Only the pure of heart can truly love.


“To defend his purity, St.Francis of Assisi threw himself into a thorn bush. St Benedict rolled in the snow. St.Bernard threw himself into an icy pond. And you, what have you done? Don’t say, “It’s the way I am,it’s my character.”  It’s your lack of character. Esto vir! Be a man! When you decide firmly to lead a clean life, chastity will no longer be a burden on you. It will be a crown of triumph.” ~St. Josemaria Escriva

Where true love is dwelling, God is dwelling there



Let us ask God to bring about this purity of heart that allows us to truly Love:

“Beloved, we ask for this purity that allows You to be completely glorified in our every thought, word & deed, that we may Love as You Love.  With You, Lord, all things are possible. May Your Name be praised. Thank You for coming to set us free, that we might truly have life to the full. We Love You Jesus. Amen.”

At the end of the day, unless we see God in others, they’re unlikely to see God in us. Let us live this new way of Loving, let us see God in all we meet. “Thy Kingdom come… Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Let us bring Heaven to earth & earth to Heaven!

St Therese, asked her Daddy one day:

“Papa, is Love like Glory, in that it’s only worth anything if it is forever?”


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About Jojo

Happily Married. Passionately Catholic. Living with Purpose. Professional Nurse & Midwife. Nfp Teacher (Billings Method) teaching couples even on skype. Speaker at conferences, retreats, workshops & on T.V. Jo & Ricky had a pilgrimage wedding in 1995 @ Ngome Marian Shrine. Whilst they live in hope of little ones, dedicate themselves to spiritual parenthood. Jo enjoys photography, pilgrimages & spirituality.
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3 Responses to Is it Love, is it Love, is it Love, is it Love that I’m feeling?

  1. T Scott says:

    Children are great examples of this love…great post!

    • Jojo says:

      Thanks T Scott, they are indeed! Children are so close to God… ” Unless you become as a little child, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven”.

  2. malcolm says:

    i really like this message of Love. i have often pondered on this.
    The feeling of ‘first love’ and one wanting to hear and be near to that person all the time.
    Wanting to give unconditionally
    Sacrificing oneself for the one you love
    The one you love occupying your mind all the time.
    That anticipated meeting after a term of separation
    The pain one feels when the person you love is suffering or in distress
    The immense joy one feels when you are in harmony and with the person you love.

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