The Papa’s Prayer Intentions for December 2011

Pope Benedict XVI

We’re going to start giving the Monthly Prayer Intentions of the Holy Father, each month here on New Evangelization Mission- God Blog.

Remember I spoke about Plenary Indulgences in  Holiness Made Easy: How to become the spotless bride  …?  Well, now we’ll be giving you the Papa’s prayer intentions for each month to make this easier, since praying for his intentions is important, so we are spiritually united, as a family, the family of God.

Here goes, this month, the Holy Father is praying :

General Intention:

That all peoples may grow in harmony & peace through mutual understanding & respect.

Mission Intention:

That children & young people may be messengers of the Gospel & that they may be respected & preserved from all violence & exploitation.

God bless, -Jo




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Happily Married. Passionately Catholic. Living with Purpose. Professional Nurse & Midwife. Nfp Teacher (Billings Method) teaching couples even on skype. Speaker at conferences, retreats, workshops & on T.V. Jo & Ricky had a pilgrimage wedding in 1995 @ Ngome Marian Shrine. Whilst they live in hope of little ones, dedicate themselves to spiritual parenthood. Jo enjoys photography, pilgrimages & spirituality.
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