Papa’s Prayer Intention: January 2012

Our Holy Father’s Prayer Intention for:


General Intention:

For Victims of Natural Disasters. 

That the victims of natural disasters may receive

the spiritual and material comfort they need

to rebuild their lives.

Missionary Intention:

Christian Dedication to Peace.

That the dedication of Christians to peace may bear witness

to the name of Christ before all men and women

of good will. 

I’m going to spend some time, meditating on these, the Holy Father has a deep spirituality, & we can fly to great heights when we follow his lead.

We so often miss the need for spiritual comfort in peoples lives, perhaps because so many seem not to need spiritual comfort, suffering from a type of spiritual anorexia. If we lack with meeting material comfort needed to rebuild lives, where are we with spiritual?

Interesting, in his Mission Intention, BXVI mentions ‘men & women of good will‘. Hmmm, just like the angels declared to the shepherds proclaiming Jesus birth… “peace to men of good will”. This is thought provoking, people who do not have good will towards someone, anyone, will not have true peace, why? Good will towards all man is essential to peace within. We need to let go of all animosity, & pray for good will towards everyone.

Unforgiveness is spiritual cholesterol,  blocking relationship, both with God & others. Man cannot be in a state of grace & have unforgiveness in his heart / lack good will towards another. We need to be set free! Free to Love properly, purely, wholeheartedly. Come Holy Spirit!

We pray everyday, the Our Father, as Jesus taught us to pray, asking forgiveness of our sins conditional to our forgiveness of others… it’s a pretzel grip! We can’t get out of it without letting go of every debt/ grudge we are judging & condemning another of.

“That the dedication of Christians to peace… may bear witness to the of the name of Christ… to men & women of good will.”  Those who do not have good will, cannot see Christ, because their hearts are hard towards man, Truth, Justice & indeed, God Himself. Their intentions are not pure, an agenda is at play.

Come Lord Jesus & strip us of all that is not You. We want to bear witness to Your Name. We forgive all sins against us, in Your Precious Name. Amen!

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Happily Married. Passionately Catholic. Living with Purpose. Professional Nurse & Midwife. Nfp Teacher (Billings Method) teaching couples even on skype. Speaker at conferences, retreats, workshops & on T.V. Jo & Ricky had a pilgrimage wedding in 1995 @ Ngome Marian Shrine. Whilst they live in hope of little ones, dedicate themselves to spiritual parenthood. Jo enjoys photography, pilgrimages & spirituality.
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One Response to Papa’s Prayer Intention: January 2012

  1. terryfenwick says:

    I want to post this out front, okay? This is so great. He is a wonderful papa. Where are you?

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