Porter-Cable FR350B

Realize why this Porter Cable framing nailer positions on the highest point of its class. A nailer is the excellent solution in the event that you need to drive numerous nails proficiently and with insignificant time and exertion. It can essentially drive a huge number of nails in a single day precisely and reliably. You can discover pneumatic nailers manufactures particularly for various sizes to do distinctive employment. One such item is the Porter-Cable FR350B.

Porter-Cable FR350B

Porter-Cable FR350B

This is the reason finding the correct pneumatic nailer is essential for the two experts and DIY-ers alike. Look at this Wiki post on various sorts of pneumatic nailers.

These days, there are such a significant number of very much composed pneumatic nailers to browse. Nonetheless, it is essential to recognize what sort of nailer to get in view of the kind of work that should be finished.

You can discover pneumatic nailers planned particularly for various sizes to do distinctive employment. One such item is the Porter-Cable FR350B.

The Porter-Cable FR350B is a framing nailer that is lightweight and simple to utilize. The capacity to drive expansive nails up to 3 ½ creeps into strong wood with no issue at all and effectively accomplished.

It includes a trigger lockout for contact incitation or prohibitive mode. It utilizes a full round head, plastic examined nails with an over-shaped grasp for a more powerful and agreeable hang on the gun.

Highlights of the Porter Cable Framing Nailer

  • Brand: Porter-Cable
  • Can drive nails up to 3½ inch by 0.131-inch
  • Weight: 7.3 pounds
  • Sans tool flexible profundity of drive
  • Selectable trigger with trigger lockout
  • Magazine set at 22 degrees to the drive pivot


The Porter-Cable FR350B framing pneumatic nailer is an all around planned, durable yet lightweight nailer in view of solace and usability. It includes a solace grasp for better control and handle. This element likewise takes into consideration longer working time with less weariness.

Weighing 7.3 pounds, it is somewhat lighter than most framing nailers. You won’t need to endure arm weariness when utilizing this nailer for stretched out timeframes because of its light development.

The 22 degree magazine is super simple to stack making reloading a breeze when at work. This framing nailer has enough power to drive through a 3-1/2 inch nail through a 2 x 4 with no exertion by any stretch of the imagination.

Another nature of this doorman link framing gun is its negligible failing, something that has professionals amped up for taking into account smoother utilize and less time squandered.

The trigger bolt is an awesome security highlight of the Porter-Cable FR350B, albeit some may think that its irritating. This dodges mishaps or untimely activating. A brisk change to open the trigger and you are ready.

The hanging snare is a pleasant expansion too so you can hang and put aside this nailer while taking a shot at different assignments. It’s the easily overlooked details that Porter Cable thinks about that separates them from the opposition making their guns more easy to understand.


In spite of the fact that this Porter-Cable framing nailer is a proficient pneumatic nailer, a couple of clients who have utilized this tool found that the security can be a littel excessively touchy.

You need to completely draw in the system so as to inspire it to flame. You may need to alter it a bit to your own preferring.

They likewise found that you require around 110 to 120 psig air supply to shoot at 16D spikes. Anything beneath that will keep the leader of the nail over the wood piece about ¼ to ½ inch. This issue runs as one with bigger guns.

Something else you may see not to be frightened is a start when shooting at first when utilizing your gun. Something caused by metal shanks on clasp particularly when everything is so tight on another gun. This issue for the most part reduces after time and is normal with numerous huge framing nailers.

You likewise must be somewhat watchful to guarantee that the start does not cause any consumes or isnt around combustible gasses.

One downside revealed sporadically in more established guns is the framing nailer tends to encounter air spills periodically from uncalled for upkeep or remissness.

doorman link framing nailer


The Porter-Cable FR350B is an all around planned framing nailer on account of convenience and solace. A main decision for some, who utilize them for any broadened timeframe.

It is lightweight with a few security highlights including a lockout trigger. It can drive through many nails with no issues or sticks. In general, the Porter-Cable framing nailer is an awesome alternative in the event that you are searching for a framing nailer that is dependable and moderate.

Have You Got the Right Vacuum Cleaner?

On the off chance that you are in the market for another vacuum cleaner you will need to comprehend a couple of nuts and bolts about vacuum cleaners before making a buy. There are various sorts of best dyson vacuum for allergies available today – upright, canister, stick, and so forth. Each kind of vacuum has its qualities and its shortcomings. Knowing these, alongside your expected utilize, will enable you to locate the correct vacuum cleaner for the activity.


Upright Vacuums


Upright vacuum cleaners frequently accompany a mixer bar that assists with covered surfaces, and when contrasted with a canister vacuum they can be less demanding to move in specific zones as they don’t require that you haul a canister behind. Uprights likewise as a rule have a bigger sack or clean holder than canister vacuums and this implies less discharging or pack changing for the shopper. The cleaning way of the upright is normally more extensive than the canister and you in this manner cover more region per stroke, anyway an upright requires that you move the whole vacuum forward and backward when vacuuming and vacuum weight would thus be able to be an issue. At long last uprights, are not especially useful for vacuuming stairs or getting under and around furniture.


Canister Vacuums


Contrasted with an upright the canister vacuum is for the most part better on hard surfaces yet less compelling on cover. It ought to be noticed this is a general perception and there are exemptions. Canister vacuums complete have a tendency to be calmer than uprights and it is less demanding to move their vacuum spout around or under furniture. As said above, they regularly have littler packs and a smaller cleaning way than an upright. With their long achieve they are likewise frequently favored for cleaning stairs.


Stick Vacuums


Stick vacuums are basically light and thin uprights and they are normally useful for snappy and simple cleanups. They are not implied for vast all inclusive cleaning endeavors. They commonly don’t have a blender bar and this can prompt not as much as attractive cover cleaning. Most stick vacuums are cordless and this approach combined with their lightweight plan makes them exceptionally versatile and simple to work with. Their little size additionally makes them simple to store. The vacuum sack or clean holder on a stick vacuum is considerably littler than that of a full size vacuum and they are normally not as intense as an upright or a canister.