What is an HVLP Paint Gun is used for?

Are you wondering what a HVLP Spray Gun is used for? Let me tell you! The hvlp spray gun is one of the best products available out there. The Term HVLP stands for High Volume Low pressure. The working mechanism is that it makes a paint mist by breaking the paint particle down into small droplets. It creates the pressure inside the air cup and apply efficient coat of paint. The high the efficiency the lower the paint wastes. It works on about 10 PSI pressure. Benefit of painting at low pressure is it gives higher transfer efficiency about 65% which is much higher than that of regular paint sprayer.

What is an HVLP Paint Gun is used for?

What is an HVLP Paint Gun is used for?

Key Benefits of HVLP Spray Gun

  • Higher transfer efficiency about 65%
  • Less wastage of paint
  • No need to change spray booth filter regularly
  • Offer detailed finishes


In refinishing shops mostly HVLP spray gun is used for painting cars. This sprayer is a champion when detailed finish is a vital thing. It can handle paint effectively and give clear coat very easily. Professionals use HVLP spray gun. You can also use it in your home if properly attached to compressor.


Other than just paint it can also be used for different materials. When there is a need to spray varnish onto wood or paint onto metal it can handle both very effectively. To get more accuracy in coating keep the gun almost 4-inch distant from surface.

Furniture Finishing

Furniture painting required detailed finishing and as mentioned above this HVLP system is a champion in detail finishing. Keep the gun close to surface whether you are spraying varnish or lacquer it give more exact coverage.


If there are some advantages of HVLP paint spray gun there are also some disadvantages of this system presents. The major downside of this product is that it works only with dilute material. If the painting material is viscous than HVLP sprayer won’t be able to atomize them properly and leave an orange peel in your finish.

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